Oriel and the Regius Chair in History

The Regius Chair of Modern History was first established by royal appointment in 1724, but was not attached to any one college in the University. In 1866, this professorship became attached to Oriel College for the first time, which meant that the Regius Professor of Modern History from that time on was ex officio a member of Oriel.

You can find out more about each of Oriel's Regius Professors of Modern History by clicking on the links below.

William Stubbs 1866-1884

Edward Augustus Freeman 1884-1892

James Anthony Froude 1892-1894  

Frederick York Powell 1894-1904

Charles Harding Firth 1904-1925

Henry William Carless Davis 1925-1928  

Maurice Powicke 1928-1947

Vivian Hunter Galbraith 1947-1957

Hugh Trevor-Roper 1957-1980

Michael Eliot Howard 1980-1989

John Huxtable Elliott 1990-1997

Robert John Weston Evans 1997-2011  

Lyndal Roper 2011-present